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We have fast forwarded to a

customer-centric digital world

In an omnichannel, hyper connected world, it is crucial to understand how consumers behave in their journey, across touchpoints.

Businesses need to think ahead and act quickly, based on real-time trends and the anticipation of consumers’ needs.

This is why UZER CONSULTING was created.

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A powerful, data-driven,

Consumer Journey Map Builder, powered by the world largest online data consumer survey.



We use data to unveil new opportunities, to optimize the digital ecosystem and deliver an improved customer experience.



Create a conversation accessed via QR Code to offer a more engaging experience, which impacts advocacy and word-of-mouth.


We're all about 

about us

We started out our careers in P&G and Unilever, where we learned how to build brands in a profitable way. 

In 2000, we built what became the Fullsix Group, a multi-award Effie winning network of digital-first agencies. 

We learned how to map Consumer Journeys for clients like Vodafone, Perfumes&Companhia and Rede Expressos.

In 2017, partnering with Nova SBE, the Portuguese leading Business School, we launched “Doing Digital”, a hands-on, 4 day training programme.

We learned from the participants, whose assignment was to implement our CX methodology to real businesses.

This has been our learning curve for the past 25 years, always putting the consumer first. 

Let's LEARN together!

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